Camden’s Creative Creatures

Having run workshops with children from the Star School Trust charity, Emerson Private Academy, House of Fairy Tales (charity), Body Action CampaignI set up a pop-up local group for creative kids in Camden in the summer of 2012.


Camden’s Creative Creatures club ran for children aged around 6-11. Small workshops of between six and eight children were run at a growing cultural hub for the local area. The idea was for the children to develop their individual and mutual creativity.

We explored a variety of creative arts, integrating storytelling, music, drama, puppetry, mime, drawing and dancing. Our activities included puppet making, building a mini city, creating performances and collaborative artworks!

I ran the workshops with other artists of all kinds bringing their skills and enthusiasm on a regular basis. I believe that a good education comes not only from teachers but also from people who are ‘living’ and working in creative fields. Also that it is healthy for children to be used to enjoying live music and improvisation in a number of fields and to see how these creative fields overlap from an early age in order to encourage healthy expression and develop the creativity that leads to richness of life for individuals and communities.

The venue is ‘Spiritual’ at 4 Ferdinand St, between Camden and Chalk Farm, NW1 8ER, which in the evenings is a relaxed and musical cafe/bar with drawing and artwork all over the walls.

Both children and adults marvel at and are inspired the creativity of the space and the drawing all over the walls, ceiling and tables.

This was a wonderful experience and may pop-up again one day !

Flyer (click to view large)

Symbols workshop with children from the Star School Trust charity.











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