Ismeal Smith – The Beauty and The Monsters

The Beauty and The Monsters – Ismeal Smith (1886 – 1972) Exhibition at MNAC, National Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona. A portrait of the artist, through allegory of the Duck Headed Man. ‘Cabeza de Pato’ 1917 I came away from this exhibition with the feeling that Ismael Smith is an artist who never found his style.…

Hockney: Ode to Invisible Blue

Hockney’s Retrospective at the Tate Britain. I used to draw when I visited galleries, but these days I tend to lean less on the pencil, and more on the pen, making word impressions where sketches will not suffice. With notebooks overflowing and piling up around me I’ve decided now to share these reflections, not posing…

Art Burn

Burn art. Why?