Working mostly with film, an old cannon given to me by the one who’s taught me most about what worlds can travel through a lens.

An old medium, a new one for me. I’m most interested in exploring portraits of myself and those I am close to, searching for the less apparent sides of our characters. I also have a love of theatre, mime and performance, the camera allows a kind of performance without an audience, an intimate space for exploration.

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I’m currently working on a project with my grandmother, age 99, that will be shown at a later date


yellow line@4x

Other projects, artwork & texts:

Art Burn

Burn art. Why?


Drawing is a dance. I search for the flow movement and of gesture and the structures from which they overflow.


Etchings of musicians and other strange familiars.

Hockney: Ode to Invisible Blue

After a long while of looking I felt very attached to this painting, not it’s miniature reproduction on screen, but the vibrating body of the canvas itself.

Interview The LondonY

Interview about my art and music with the lovely Nastasia at the LondonY

Ismeal Smith – The Beauty and The Monsters

A portrait of the artist, through allegory of the Duck Headed Man.

Lita Cabellut – Eye to Eye

Two floors of enormous canvases, head after head emerging from disrupted space or poised, static and clean, cut from a violence of abstracted shapes. It is wonderful to see such a great expanse of uncomfortable artwork.


A mythological story world of strange people and creatures in which the drawings came first and the words follow…


Falling light and rising colour. A continual exploration of not only of an end result but of process, a mediation between intention and material…

yellow line@4x

yellow line@4x