projects and Commissions:

I create independent commissions for portraits, illustrations and original work and make bespoke picture frames to suit the work. 


2016, November – ‘Tide Take Him’ Exhibtion and launch of Various Guises Debut EP, London. I curated a group exhibition on the theme of the title track and exhibited the original and concept artwork for the EP as well as musical themed etchings. The EP artworks link together in a narrative line that echoes the songs.

2016, November – ‘Collage Mind’ Solo exhibition at Creative Connection Studios, London.

2016, March – ‘Make Ready’ Group Exhibition at Attico Arts, London. Exhibiting two works drawn from the songs of my folk duo Various Guises.

2015, December – 2016, January – Working with the Jagriti Yatra. A charity that runs a yearly train journey around India, inspired by the train journey Gandhi took after returning from South Africa. The journey takes over 400 young Indian social entrepreneurs to meet role models and experience the diversity of their own country from the biggest cities to its most rural outposts. They explore the strengths, weaknesses and challenges their country faces, and encourages them to find avenues for positive social change through entrepreneurship. Working in partnership with Temujen Gunawardena I lived on the train will the Yatri’s and created a 10 metre long mural capturing the content and experience of the journey. We plan to exhibit the piece in London in 2016 before returning it to the Jagriti Yatra team in Mumbai.

2015, December – ‘Drawing Intensive’ group exhibition with other students of the Royal Drawing School at Mercer and Chance Gallery in Hoxton.

2015, September – Group exhibition at the VGCC with Miscilânia Art Club. Exhibiting a series of figurative illustrations with cut-up text, an emerging series that’s still in progress and a cousin of the Mistakable Bodies series.

2014, November – ‘The Herodotus Debate’ live and large-scale, narrative illustrations for collaborative, multimedia workshops spanning the arts, academia and interactive theatre. Funded by APGRD & Arts and Humanities Research Council.

2014, September – group exhibition of live drawings commissioned by Nicoline van Harskamp for her project based around a live translation of George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’ from multiple languages at the Kunstraum Gallery in Hoxton, London. The resulting illustrations were also used in the publication of the transcript by Onomatopee.

2014, June – Group exhibition ‘Obsession: Love, Ritual, Collection’ at the Embassy Tea Gallery, London.

2014, January – present, Freelance graphic facilitator working independently and in conjunction with Creative Connection.

2013, December – present, Artist in Residence for the Caravanserai.

2013, December, participation in on online ‘Rubbish‘ exhibition. My work concerns the natural life and beauty that joins the debris in city streets and falls into the category of ‘waste’.

2013, November, Exhibition of large-scale work with Project 21 at the Caravanserai in Canning Town. A mural/cityscape work in relation to the area and it’s regeneration.

2013, September, Artist in residence & exhibition of Musicians, Writers & Philosophers series at Spiritual venue and gallery, Camden Town.

2013, August, Illustrations commissioned for Shambala Festival.

2013January – April, Exhibition at Touché gallery, Royal St, New Orleans.

2012 Summer –  Founded and ran pop up children’s arts club: Camden’s Creative Creatures.

2012, July – Illustrations commissioned for House of Fairy Tales.

2012, July – working with Body Action Campaign charity doing workshops in puppet making for children in Tooting/Battersea.

2012 -Teaching English at the Stars Trust charity and running art workshops for the children.  

2012 – Art workshops with children at Emerson Private Academy.

2011 – 2012, Working with House of Fairy Tales on a variety of children’s arts events running immersive creative experiences for children.

2011, June – Collaborative exhibition with Dark Mountain Project in Sainsbury Centre in Norwich. My exhibition called ‘Waste (Not)’ focused on challenging the categorisation of objects as waste.

2010 – Illustrations for children’s book ‘Aurora Stanhope’


Blake College 2011 – 2012 Foundation in Art and Design (Distinction, work selected as exceptional). My work explored a blend of verbal/worded and visual/abstract communication, the build and residue of ritual, and the ways to grow individual and communal expression and interpretation. Veils and Stones Project.

Reed College 2009-2010 as part of the Literature degree below. At Reed I studied mainly painting and short stories, leading me closer and closer to my interest in folk tales and oral culture.

UEA 2007-2011 – American Literature and Creative Writing (1st) with broad smatterings of history, philosophy and painting. Focusing in my latter years on Native American and Afro-American literature, film and traditional folk-tales and oral culture.

And the last note on education is that gained, informally, from all the people i’ve met in, and in-between, all the above places. 

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