Live Illustration

I provide live illustration for various events, conferences, lectures, art events and theatre productions.

Spredfast Summit Europe

Spredfast Summit – Europe

sometimes capturing what’s going on in the room, as at the event at the Nicoline van Harskamp readings at the Kunstraum Gallery in Hoxton, sometimes capturing content in more of a visual facilitation role,

Spredfast Summit Europe

Creating Visual Minutes as in my work with Creative Connection, or creating concept works as in the Project 21 at Caravanserai.

Live illustration concept work in progress at Caravnserai

Live illustration concept work in progress at Caravnserai

In The Herodotus Debate workshops I have collaborated on workshop/interactive theatre pieces which involved multiple arts and approaches, including my live narrative illustrations, to create an illuminating and educational experience.

The Herodotus Debate

Workshop participants looking at the artwork after the event.

There is something special about watching an artist (of any ilk, be it musician, potter, painter or dancer) at work – people become involved and feel connected to a visual word that they can see evolving. This is especially true if the content of the creation somehow speaks to them personally, recording their opinion, or their situation and what’s going on around them.

b&w night view of caravanserai 21artists mural 1 - blanche ellis

Live Illustration concept work at Caravnserai

This is part of the magic of live illustration and the way it engages people on multiple levels. As well as appealing to those of us who think better visually than they do in abstraction.


The technique depends on the event, sometimes images are stand-alone, sometimes they work best with words to capture the content.

The style and content depends entirely on the client and event. 

Spredfast Summit Europe

So much is possible

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